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Steps for Surrogacy Programme

  • First a consultation of intended genetic parents (IGPs) with doctor.
  • Detailed examination and counseling.
  • Consultation with legal adviser.
    Form J : Agreement of surrogacy
    Form U : Contract between patient and surrogate.
    Surrogacy agreements are the first stage in a two step process .The purpose of the surrogacy agreement is to allow each party to state their intentions,& their responsibilities to one another .The agreement will clearly state that the surrogate does not intend on parenting any resulting children & does not wish to have physical or legal custody of any children. The surrogacy agreement will also define the right & responsibilities of the assisted parents.
  • Synchronization of donor recipient cycle : One cycle before actual IVF procedure we bring the menstrual period as close as possible to both donor and recipient. Preferably recipient gets period, a couple of days earlier than donor. The recipient will require estradiol & progesterone to help prepare her uterine lining for implantation of the transferred embryos. management. Our goal is to see your complete family through surrogacy. We shall be with you and guide you till your dream turns into reality.