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Gynae Endoscopy

Gynae Endoscopy

At Sunflower Hospital is doing most of the gynae endoscopic procedures with a special inclination towards fertility-enhancing laparoscopy & hysteroscopy procedures & Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy. We have an expert & experienced endoscopic surgeons, expert anesthetists, equipped operation theaters, HD monitors & state of the art instruments.

Gynae Endoscopy requires a high level of precision and our team specializes in endoscopy related surgeries like Hysteroscopy for septum, myoma & adhesions; Laparoscopy, Salpingoscopy, Treatment of Ectopic Pregnancy, Diagnostic & Operative Laparoscopy for evaluation of Fertility, Ovarian Cyst Removal, Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy (TLH), Myomectomy, Treatment of Endometriosis.

Gynae Endoscopic surgeries are done by an expert team headed by Dr R G Patel.

Gynae Endoscopic procedures done at SFWH are

Gynae Endoscopy Unit

We have dedicated hi-tech operation theater for Gynae Endoscopy equipped with latest & quality instruments which enables us to perform even most tertiary surgeries with safety & ease.

Gynae Endoscopic Instruments

Image HD Operating System (Karl Storz, Germany) :

gives crisp & sharp images with better depth perception & identification of blood vessels.

Service Image
Service Image
Xenon 300 Light Source (Karl Storz, Germany) :
Service Image

Mimics nature day light, better for clinical judgment & identification of tissue planes. It avoids excessive heat & dehydration.

Harmonic Scalpel (Johnson, USA) :
Service Image

Ultrasound based state of art dissecting scissors which has lesser tissue damage as compared to electric energy & avoids tissue damage.

Rotocut Morcellator (Karl Storz, Germany) :

To retrieve large myoma after myomectomy without incision by piece meal method.

Endomat (Karl Storz, Germany) :
Service Image

To attain optimal distension of uterine cavity during hysteroscopy so that septum resection or myomectomy can be done without risk of fluid overload & perforation.

Force Triad – Energy platform Covidien –Valleylab
Service Image

“Best in Class” Cautery Monopolar + Bipolar + Vessel Sealer

Ideal for difficult laparoscopy cases such as endometriosis & Myomectomy reduces surgical time and blood loss.

Anesthesia Work Station 9100 c (Datex Ohmeda, Germany) :

dedicated anesthesia trolley with automatic as well as manual mode for ventilatory support and multi-parameter monitor system which includes vitals of the patient, CO2 and O2 saturation in analog and graphical manner.

Service Image